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YES TV Canada Brand Identity

Case Study





From concepts to a tangible brand presence. From summer 2014 to winter 2016. A print/motion graphic design & video prediting pride. 


When Canada says Yes, nobody can say no.

In 2014, CTS TV had a brand overhaul; I was brought on board as a graphic designer, motion graphic designer and video preditor to be vital in its renovation. I was given creative reigns to work alongside the creative lead and the promotions manager to come up with fresh ideas on a daily, conceptualizing how to elevate our brand to various heights, and masterfully execute those ideas to immerse ourselves and our viewers to new depths. From CTS's blue colours and traditional visual language, it transformed to a channel that is fresh, engaging, electric, smart, cheeky, and awesome. Partnered with a new line-up of programming, the refreshed branding was something one can never say no to.

(Logo design by Scott Orr & Steven Elo, 2014).

"Real, Good, and Real Good", 2014

This 30-second spot showcasing YES TV's Fall 2014 lineup focuses on three things YES TV boldly offers: entertainment that is good (family oriented and values programming), shows that are real (reality TV shows), and what YES TV generally and truly is: real good.


Say Yes to a good, captivating brand.

The Drawing Board: the constraints given to myself by the creative lead were: flat, green, charcoal, Helvetica, lower case. It pushed my creative juices to flow on a direction I've never seen before. The challenge was to have Torontonians go through an intellectual exercise with brand recognition. How do we embark on an awesome campaign with a logo that resembles the Youtube logo, with numerous contraints? 

Results: The flat aesthetic and the green vibrancies of the brand was elevated when I hesitantly pitched these ideas to my boss: hide, charcoal/black planes, and "cut-off" YES TV logo. Though initially a controversial pitch, it amplified the brand and indeed exercised viewers' recognition of YES TV. It's like when McDonald's just had long yellow arches on a red plane!

Snap. Clap. Click. Slide. Hide.

Those five words make up the electric visual language of YES TV's motion graphic library. An animated extension of the static designs shown above, the visual aesthetic of YES TV resulted in a comprehensively cohesive brand.


Stacks. On Stacks.

One: a cropped charcoal plane with a clipped-gigantic version of the show's title slides up the frame. Two: the show's title, and right below it resides any secondary/tertiary information. Three, the promo footage underneath, which nests lower thirds.

It literally comes together.

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