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Caged No More (2016) AV Campaign

Official Canadian Trailer



Crafting a trailer from scratch.

The task given by the CMO was to craft a trailer for this film from scratch. The film saw an initial release in the US back in 2015, so we saw this as an opportunity to re-equip the film's marketing here in Canadian territories. The US trailer for the movie had a very melodramatic and gospel approach – almost like a romantic music video in execution, my task this time is to make the movie exciting. Add real peril in it, as it is inspired by real horrific events happening every day. The trailer needs to motivate. Activate the viewers to WANT to see the film. General moviegoers and activists alike. Energize people to take part in this cause. And the results, were successful. (final full Canadian trailer above).

US Trailer:


Canadian 30s TV SPOT:

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