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Afrikair Airlines Brand Identity

Case Study




A brand that soars to new heights.

The design concept underlying the AfrikAir branding is based on the need to give a visual to Afrikair's identity as the great airline, thus the right choice of airline (if not the best) when flying to visit South Africa.

The logo was conceived to portray the bird Southern Carmine Bee Eater, native to South Africa, notable for its blue head and orange-carmine wings. The tick/check mark form emerges from its rhythmic flow, reflecting Afrikair's reputation as the "right" choice, the right, safe, and good airline. Moreover, within the design are embodied two main angled pieces with the larger piece (wing) angled 48 degrees to imbue a sense of dynamic energy motion, upwards, representing Afrikair's top notch quality and dedication to go nowhere but up

I've utilized the shape of the plane's tail to emphasize the "tick" / check mark form of the logo. It also gave the notches of the bird's wing in the logo a chance to shine and be seen in such a large scale.

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