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Young Once (TV Series) Print Campaign

Key Art + OOH Ad Case Study




Young Once, but always young.

A docu-series. Based in Huntington Beach, California. Revolving around the lives of an eclectic group of students from Biola University. Lots of rules. No sex, no drugs, no alcohol. It needed a brand that evoked chaos, vibrancies, yet clarity. It needed to imbue a sense of Millenial-ist language yet come across as multi-generational. Challenge, accepted.

(Final title treatment for the TV series to the right.)

Wordmark explorations:

I went for a handwritten almost grafitti-like approach for the title treatment to express two ideas: One, the idea of the organic limitless and carefree Youth culture; two, have the title treatment be a homage to school. Binders, notebooks, locker vandalisms.


Live in colour.

The vibrancies in the colour choices for the Young Once brand is a reflection of the individuality and uniqueness of each of the characters in the show. This dynamic colour palette has become the foundation upon which the branding for this television series was built. Moreover, the Polaroid aesthetic was applied as a unifying mask across the brand: it unifies two of the generations we want to watch the show. The kids (who are into the vintage aesthetic anyway since the rise of Instagram), and the ones who have been out of school since the 80s or 90s – inviting them yet again to witness and enjoy the fun that is the school life.

Final key art:


OOH advertising (taxi sharkfin):


Character posters / Social media promotion

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